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09 April 2013



Once I remembered, a story of a muslimah. Okay, It's me actually. There was a boy, my form 4 classmate had been assigned to distribute exercises books back to their owner. 

Then, after distributed the books. There was only a book left. 
He asked to my fellow friends,
"Who is Khairussyifa'?"

Silent. It has been about 4 months we were in the same class. Even, the new classmates (second intake students) were well-recognised by him.

Sincerely, no offence towards him. I'm being too quiet (maybe).

Yesterday, I was about to go to my former school, SMKA SHAMS. I have to attend an usrah with my juniors. Then, there was unexpected matters occured, so that I have to postpone my usrah. My Qaswa was in not-so-good condition. While my mother needed me to pick her up early on that day. 

Then, I called Ustaz A - to postpone the usrah.
( I already make 2 call to ustazahs, but both of them was not in school area)

Me- Assalamualaikum. Ustaz A?
Him - Waalaikumsalam. Yes.
Me- Ustaz, I'm syifa'.
Him - Oh, Khairussyifa'?
Me- ......( I was a bit shocked actually- Ustaz remember my name,huhu)
Him - Khairussyifa' Shukri. I know you.
Me - Oh yes, It's true. It' me..
Him - Why syifa'?
Me - bla bla bla....

Undeniable, I was extremely quiet in the class. 
Besides, Ustaz A only taught me 3 months.  
It surely a very strong reason if he didn't recognize me.
BUT, he did....^_^

I always thought, people doesn't require me. I'm the one who always need people by my side.
There was a time, I've been thinking while I was involved in any programme, I believe that the programme will still running smoothly even without the presence of me. I'm just a decadent charecter. 

The real fact is...
Allah place me 'there' for a reason, or maybe for multiple of reasons.

Wallahua'lam. Taqabballahuminna wa min kum.

For Miss J,
May Allah keep us strong^_^
Allah choose you, because He knows u're the best person that can conduct the event successfully.
So It become the way it should be.

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