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29 Oktober 2009



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Zawjati by Ahmed Bukhatir

maksudnya "isteriku"...sbenarnya lagu dia dalam bahasa Arab..ini translationnya, saja nak bagi yang lain faham...luahan hati seorang suami untuk isteri tercinta.mula-mula dengar macam lagu kabhie kusyi kabhi gam...mendayu-dayu sangat...kalau nak dengar lagu dia search je kat google / youtube...tak pun tekan kat link diatas tu ^

TRANSLATION- Zawjati (Ahmed Bukhatir)

I love you the way you are,
I love you the way you were,
No matter what did or will happen,
You are and will be my darling.
You’re my rightful wife, I care not about
Those who like to reproach and irritate me.
It is our destiny to be
Together eternally.In my heart you instilled love
With grace and good deeds.
Happiness vanishes when you disappear,
Life brightens when you’re there.
Hard is my day
Until you return home.
Sadness disappears
When you smile.Life turns black
When you’re upset,
So I work hard
To make your wish come true.

You’re my happiness.
May you be happy forever.
Our souls are united
Like soil and plants.

You’re my hope, my peace
My good company and inspiration.
Life is good, no matter how hard it is,
When you’re fine.

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