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26 September 2012

My Stride


Yesterday, my lecturer in my tutorial class assigned all of the class to present a song that really gave impact to ourself. It was an English Language I ( speaking and listening) class. I chose a Malay Song entitled "Langkah Tercipta" by UNIC. But the explanation must be in english.

I never thought to be in that level of confident. Well, speaking in front of the class, was the most thing I afraid of.  I have no intention to impress anyone by my speech.

Then , Syalmira - my classmate said,
" It was a very sad story, I almost cry".

I was thinking, I always get this kind of response -
" Syifa', your complexion doesn't reflect your age"
" Syifa', you doesn't look like 19"
" Your face was so matured"
" You look like 21"

Khair, I accept with smiling. Sometimes, I just assume that was a compliment. That assumption made me feel better.

I persuade myself, " It's okay, she/he never know what I has been through"

In the class last night, I was advising my classmate - "how hard it is, how tough it is,  put trust in Allah in everything you do."

I gave advice doesn't mean I was the strongest. But that's the way to make myself a strong lady. The truth, I was advising myself,


I didn't manage to change courses. I didn't manage to get what I really hope for. I didn't manage to study my favourite subject.

And there's a lot of thing didn't happen according to what I had planned.

It happened according to Allah's plans. I must believe that.

PLEASE SYIFA', don't stop striding!
You're in Applied Physics class is already a destiny from Allah.

Madam Hafida, Hawa n all of my new classmates,
Syukran. Without all of you, I'm not this strong just like you all see me today.

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