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11 Mei 2014

#Lawatan Industri

Lawatan Industri kat PPK technology
Suka lihat wajah ceria mereka :)

Aku tak berkesempatan untuk menulis atas timbunan kerja yang perlu diselesaikan minggu ini. Tambahan hujung minggu lalu, aku diuji dengan keadaan kesihatan yang tidak menentu menyebabkan tergendala segala sementara lab report dan assignment. Kali ini nak berkongsi assignmentku untuk subjek "Critical Thinking & Problem Solving", written in English:)

Malu sebenarnya nak kongsi disebabkan bahasa Inggerisku yang caca marba, tunggang-langgang dengan grammatical error, tenses dan segala bagai. Namun, memikirkan ada mesej yang aku nak mereka yang lain juga terima sepanjang LI kami, maka, buat-buat tak malu...^_^

      On 22nd of April, I experienced a really great experiences during doing my industrial visit at PPK Technology. It really helps me as it indirectly give me a picture of how and type of occupation that suitable for us after graduating from  Applied Physics Course.  PPK technology is  basically a type of bussiness  involving traffict light technology. On top of that, one fact that made me amazed is PPK Technology is the only company in Malaysia that invent the traffic light from A to Z. PPK Technology designed and invented their own model of circuit that operate the traffic light, software and so all compared to other traffic light company in Malaysia that only import the software and the component inside the traffic light. 

The PPK Technology had brief us their products like Traffic Light Alert System, Greenwave Linking and Advanced Vehicle Countdowns. Their company delegate Mr. Mudassir, engineer from Pakistan to explain to us about their products and so forth. He is a young man, at the age of 30 (I guess) with genius mind. It is not surprising if in another 10 years he will be somebody like Mark Zughemberg, maybe. And there is a myths about creativity that creativity requires high IQ.  I had been told by the staff there, that he is the one that design every single circuit in the component of traffic light, the software to control the timing the traffic light. Subhanallah, the praises all back to the Creator, Allah.  How He grant him with a very  bright mind. I just learnt how to connect the gates with the resistance, wire, LED, transistor. It is not an easy thing to do. Beside, I love to relate with ways that can help us to apply creativity to solving problems and issues like inventing a new product or services and improving things.  Instead of keep importing component from foreign country, PPK Technology design and invent their own circuit. Beside, they improve the technology of traffic light by proposing new idea.

During the brief, it seems like he is teaching us from basic, since we just learn the subject of Digital Electronic this semester. He often asks, what this, why it become like this, did you know about this and others. It all a new thing to us frankly speaking. There is a voice inside me that evoke me,  " What did I learn in Applied Physics Course after 2 years ?". What is the meaning of taking physics but the basic thing about electronic, and we barely answer that.  Make us a time to tafakkur fo awhile.

"Verily, in all this there are messages indeed for those who can reflect" 
(al-hijr : 75)

We refresh again our intention(niat) to study. He advised us, "Study not for the sake of exam. Be useful for yourself and others".  Remind me a hadith of Rasulullah saw that Rasulullah mention that the best person is a person that useful to the others.

 I asked myself, how my knowledge on physics useful for myself, for ummah and Islam in the future?If I only study for the sake of examination.

Taqaballahuminna wa minkum.

*tiba-tiba datang perasaan gerun untuk berpraktikal in another 1 year and half;(

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Salam student usim.bru abis tamhidi tunggu masuk degree.akak macam mna nak cntct akak?sy perlukan sesuatu.boleh akak bg fb akak?

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Waalaikumslm. Ni Fb akak : khairussyifa' Humaira

Kalau akk bole tlong,Insyallah akk tlong;)