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13 Mei 2014



I just called umi.
Umi was enduring a fever.
Umi asked me,
"Angah, nak cakap ngan ayah tak?"

"Hmm, takpe kot.. kirim salam ja ngan ayah", I replied with a mind full of thinking of all the assignments,reports and presentations to be submitted by the end of this week. Then,suddenly umi gave the call to ayah.

"Angah, ayah nak balik terengganu dah malam ni...boleh tak angah balik teman umi?Umi demam".

I was about to cry~
It was a tough situation~
I just want to be a good daughter~
I just need someone to help me out...

When my parent asked me to do a favour. Its not a choice to choose. I have to do it as long as my parent asked me to something that not oppose syariah...

Insyallah, I'll back to Seremban after maghrib prayer and drive back to Nilai early morning tomorrow. Then, drive to Kajang for GISO's paperwork.

Allah, I just need that strength.
Coz I know...
"If I didn't believe on my ability to do something.
Then I believe in Allah's strength to help me"

Stay strong syifa;)

*For u, I have a lot of thing to put in my mind, please don't make it harder. Please...

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